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2023 Leading Well Workshops & Experiences

  • Our engaging, experiential and interactive workshops are custom-tailored to team/ group goals, needs and capacities.
  • Delivery options include in person, online and hybrid; outdoors and indoors.
  • Workshops can be integrated with mindful nature and movement experiences (incl. forest-bathing and yoga) and/ or customized coaching programs for individuals, groups or teams.
  • We work in partnership in designing and delivering the best possible learning experience for your team/ organization.

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"You are a wonderful, thoughtful, passionate, empathic instructor"  (Course participant)

Teaching & Facilitation Experience

  • Workshops and trainings are shaped by Isabel's two + decades of experience in the health, education, outdoor and sustainability sectors and her deep expertise in the training areas.
  • Isabel has designed and delivered a wide array of professional development and adult education courses in Leadership, Team and Organizational Development; Communications, Coaching & Conflict Transformation; Well-Being and Cross-Cultural Relations.
  • She has taught at the University of British Columbia, Capilano University and Douglas College and delivered leadership experiences for many UBC Faculties and BC health authorities (including Fraser Health Authority, First Nations Health Authority,  PHSA, BC Transplant) as well as Vantage Point, Lions Bay Search & Rescue and numerous private and not-for-profit sector clients.
  • More information about Isabel's experience and qualifications is available here.

"I learned so much and was able to use it practically in my life. It was a rewarding experience, and I wish I had more teachers that could be as effective as she was. Thanks for an amazing learning experience, Isabel!" (Course participant)

Workshop Highlights

Nourished by Nature: Re-Charge & Re-Connect

Do you feel drained, stressed or overwhelmed and want more energy, ease and flow? Or you want to elevate well-being and productivity with your team?

Let's go forest-bathing and/ or do vinyasa yoga in a local green space--to refresh our bodies and souls; explore nature's four elements with all our senses; and practice mindful movement and connection--to self, nature and others. Leave uplifted, re-energized and re-connected!

"Isabel's style connects mind and body through nature. Isabel is open, curious and able to intuitively connect with her clients in a way that is so natural and supportive. I would highly recommend Isabel!" (Susan I., Seattle, WA)

Lead Well with Courage and Purpose

Do you want to lead with more purpose and confidence? Go beyond perceived limitations, and inspire others to do the same?

Achieving this is becoming increasingly challenging, due to rapid changes to how we work and communicate across cultures and the globe. Tackle this challenge by cultivating your authentic leadership approach, along with courage and compassion. We will:

  • Discover your core strengths, and how to activate and lead with them
  • Map out your unique vision and values, to serve as your GPS on your leadership journey
  • Explore how to inspire and influence others authentically
  • Strengthen your inner leader and work with your protector-saboteurs
  • Practice powerful leadership and coaching tools.

You will leave empowered to be YOU, lead with clarity and confidence, and inspire action and success.

"[It] was surprising. It worked. It made me a lot more clear about what the key is to building relationships. It's given me a shift toward a different perspective. It helped stimulate imagination, along with problem-solving. I strongly recommend Isabel to provide you with leadership coaching, it will be fun and productive.”  (Curtis R., Owner/ Operator Edziza Trails, BC)

Lead Well through Challenge and Change  

Do you want to lead through challenge and change with confidence, clarity and (self-)care? Are you in a transition period, feeling uncertain about what's next for yourself or your team?

Informed by well-being research and Isabel's personal experience with career transitions, concussion recovery, mountain expeditions and change management, we will:

  • Explore how to transform times of challenge and uncertainty into opportunities for growth and success
  • Exchange limiting beliefs with empowering new perspectives
  • Review change and transition frameworks
  • Apply core coaching and communication tools
  • Practice mindful self-care and well-being strategies, inspired by nature.

You will leave with clarity, confidence and resilience in leading yourself and others through times of challenge and change.

"The course material was life changing"  (Course participant, Douglas College)

"I know better now where I'm going. Isabel worked with me in keeping me on my path. I found it really effective."  (Heidi N.)

Convene Courageous Conversations and Transform Conflict

Are morale, productivity and work climate suffering, because there is unspoken or unresolved conflict? Or do you want to build better connections and relationships with your team, colleagues and others?

In this seminar, we will:

  • Identify different conflict styles (including your own)
  • Learn a practical framework for convening courageous conversations and addressing conflict
  • Practice core coaching and communication skills to understand and express needs, values and feelings
  • Apply a formula for expressing effective feedback and boundaries
  • Use the power of curiosity and compassion to build trust and connection.

Leave with tools and confidence to strengthen connections, find common ground and transform conflict.

"This has been the most beneficial class I've ever taken. The way it was taught kept us awake and interactive...I found I was able to apply what I had learned in class to my everyday life on a regular basis." (Course participant, Douglas College Conflict Communication)

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"It was awesome! Isabel is a really amazing coach. She didn't let me play small and used her intuition to get to the underlying issues." (Lisa H., Portland, US)

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