Consulting & Corporate Services

Our coaching programs and workshops are complemented by the following consulting services, which are anchored in inclusive, strengths-based and trauma-informed approaches:

  • Leadership, Team and Organizational Development
  • Well-Being and Resilience
  • Change Leadership and Management
  • Coaching and Conflict Facilitation
  • Program Design, Delivery and Evaluation
  • Strategic and Community Planning
  • Cross-Cultural and Intergovernmental Relations

"Through effective and fun facilitation and coaching techniques, Isabel has helped us chart a strategy to amplify the impact of our growing international team. Isabel’s thoughtful advice and collaborative consultation were invaluable and exactly what we needed to develop clarity of our vision, values, goals and priorities. We wholeheartedly recommend her services to any organization and individuals who want to make a difference." (Omar Dominguez, Director, Happy City)

"You paid great attention to the energy in the room and kept the discussion flowing in a generative way. Loved your authenticity and responsiveness; you brought your whole self, and I appreciated that. I don't think there is anything that could be improved, as you helped us get exactly  to where we needed to go."  (Participant, Strategic Planning Workshop)

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