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"If it's wild to your own heart, protect it. Preserve it. Love it. And fight for it, and dedicate yourself to it...

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Tired of trying to solve problems with a foggy head in dry office air? Feeling stuck in the spiral of tenuous tasks, never-ending demands or repeat patterns? Frustrated with your job and longing for freedom, fulfillment or fresh perspectives?

Come take a walk on the "wild side" with me! Immerse yourself in nature while breathing fresh air and shaking out your legs! (Re-)connect with your inner wild--that voice of wisdom and longing that wants you to break through blocks and explore options outside the box! Get clarity and focus on what you need and gain momentum in making it happen--and boost your health and happiness while being outdoors.

Wild Outside, and Inside

I'm passionate about being active outdoors and exploring the wilderness outside and inside of us! Time and time again, I've found inspiration, solace and empowerment in nature when I've faced personal and career challenges or changes. My most favourite thing in the world is sharing my passion for the outdoors and for heart-based leadership. I'm a certified leadership coach and change management consultant with 15+ years of leadership, strategy and planning experience in the health, sustainability and outdoor industries.

...It doesn't matter if it's wild to anyone else: if it's what makes your heart sing, if it's what makes your days soar like a hawk in the summer time, then focus on it...

Wild Invitations

I offer 1:1 Coaching Walks to take your leadership and career fulfillment to the next level--we walk 'n talk to generate clarity, courage and momentum--in green spaces around the city, in person or on the phone--during lunch breaks, or when suits your schedule (Connect with me to explore options)

Or join a group "Walk on the Wild Side" in one of our parks to re-energize and re-connect with yourself, nature and others: We combine elements of forest-bathing and mindfulness and explore nature's elements while filling our bodies with fresh air, our heads with new perspectives, and our hearts with courage and creativity! Let the forest, the ocean and the mountains relax and inspire you, and leave with a clear head and a smile on your face! (Spring sessions start March 2019, inquire for dates and locations)

...Because for sure it's wild, and if it's wild, it'll mean you're still free no matter where you are." (Rick Bass)

Ladies! Want to be part of the divine Goddesses Gone Wild? We meet monthly in nature spaces in the city and the mountains to (re-)connect with our wild, beautiful hearts while being embraced by the nurturing arms of nature and a supportive community of like-minded women! (Re-)discover your inner fire power, strengths and wisdom. Experience what it feels like to be free and lead with your heart. Celebrate your inner goddess and deepen your connection with your untamed self, nature and others!

Starts: January 31, 2019 , 7-9:30pm in Vancouver, Kitsilano: Wild Heart Map Making 2019! Connecting with each other, setting "wild hearted" intentions for the year, and being creative while cozying up in front of the fireplace... (Inquire about details)

"Isabel's style connects mind and body through nature. Isabel is open, curious and able to intuitively connect with her clients in a way that is so natural and supportive. I would highly recommend Isabel!" (Susan I.,  Seattle, WA)

Ready to Get Wild? 

Connect with me  about the time-limited New Year's Special (25% off individual and group programs)--open until January 27 midnight (

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"I would recommend Isabel as a leader and guide for anyone that feels they could benefit from coaching but also for anyone who has no experience or may be new to the idea of coaching. A great coach for me and a great coach that the world needs more of. Thanks Isabel for all that you do!" (Neil  P. )

Corporate Services

I also offer corporate services, such as leadership, team and organizational development as well as change leadership and change management support;  workshop design and facilitation; program design and delivery; and strategic planning . I focus on organizations and teams who are change agents.

Core areas and workshops include:

  1. Thriving through Transitions: navigate change and transitions with clarity and confidence
  2. Empowering Leadership: cultivate courageous, heart-centred leadership to action positive change
  3. Boosting Well-Being: elevate health, happiness and success 
  4. Transforming Conflict: create respectful relations and productive collaborations

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“Isabel is a wonderful coach! Her caring, warm, non-judgmental presence allowed me to feel safe and comfortable sharing openly with her. She listened with her whole self and challenged me when I needed it. I would recommend coaching with Isabel. She helped me work through some personal and professional struggles and I am so grateful to have worked with her." (Jennifer Colligan Peters, PHR, ACC, Human Resources Manager, Certified Coach)

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