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Coaching - How It Works

I provide coaching programs for leaders, teams and professionals who are experiencing a period of change, and who want to elevate their leadership, well-being and success. I help them achieve this, generating clarity, focus and momentum.

"Isabel is direct, takes risks and is very clear. I needed that. The coaching was very helpful in getting me clear on my commitments and express them easily." (Brenda,  West Vancouver, BC)

What's unique? 

  • Co-designed with you, to meet your organizational and individual needs (including specific corporate programs).
  • Blending dialogue, active movement, mindfulness and land-based/ outdoor experiences into a fun and powerful mix.
  • Going outside... of perceived limitations, and into the "outdoors"!
  • Rooted in the Co-Active coaching approach, integrating principles of Appreciative Inquiry and Systems-Thinking
  • Complemented by custom-tailored workshops, corporate programs and consulting services.

...bringing the mountains to the boardroom and the boardroom to the mountains--drawing on two decades of experience in outdoor and corporate leadership, facilitation, strategic and community planning, and intercultural communication. 

Where & When?

  • Your corporate office or a location convenient for you/ your team.
  • Choice or blend of indoors and outdoors, in person and phone/ skype sessions.
  • Usually weekly or bi-weekly--flexible to accommodate your schedule and preferred communication style.
  • Services available in English and German.

Coach with me outside to gain clarity, focus and momentum!

What's in a coaching package? 

  • Initial conversation
  • "Foundation": exploring your needs, values and goals and designing the coaching alliance
  • Regular coaching: gain clarity, focus and momentum in breaking through barriers and achieving your goals
  • "What's Next" conversation
  • Online support

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Coaching Alliance

"I felt uplifted after the coaching--it enhanced my energy level and gave me a mood boost!" (Ingrid, Program Specialist, Bellingham, US)

  • As your coach, I am your confidante and champion walking (or hiking) beside you on this adventure!
  • It is my job to create a safe and fun space that inspires you to explore new options and paths--and dare to take risks on the way!
  • We work together as a team in asking and answering the questions that matter. We map out your destination and goals and create your personalized navigation tools that equip you for success.
  • Working with me will inspire and empower you to take courageous action that aligns with your/ your organization's values and goals. You will go beyond what you thought possible!

"Isabel pushed me just the right amount." (Desiree, Vancouver, BC)

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Mutual Respect & Accountability

  • As a Certified Professional Co-Active coach and graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (the world's largest and oldest coach training organization), I root my approach in the Co-Active coaching model. Coach and client form a partnership that is based on mutual trust, respect and accountability. Both contribute 100% toward the client's goals, thereby generating 200% in results. This is not possible on your own!
  • In the coaching relationship, the client is safely held as creative, resourceful and whole. As a professional member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), I guarantee confidentiality and adherence to the coaching profession's Code of Ethics.

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