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Coaching - How It Works

I provide coaching programs for leaders, teams and professionals who are experiencing a period of change or transition, and who want to elevate their leadership, well-being and success. I help them achieve this, generating clarity, focus and momentum.

"Isabel is direct, takes risks and is very clear. I needed that. The coaching was very helpful in getting me clear on my commitments and express them easily." (Brenda,  West Vancouver, BC)

What's unique? 

...bringing the mountains to the boardroom and the boardroom to the mountains--drawing on two decades of experience in outdoor and corporate leadership, facilitation, strategic and community planning, and intercultural communication. 

Where & When?

  • Urbangreen space/ park, the mountains, or where convenient for you.
  • Choice or blend of indoors and outdoors, in person or phone/ skype sessions.
  • Lunch breaks or your preferred time.
  • Available in English and German.

Get outside with me to energize--and gain clarity and momentum!

What's in a coaching package? 

  • Initial conversation
  • "Foundation": exploring your needs, values and goals and designing the coaching alliance
  • Regular coaching: gain clarity, courage and momentum in breaking through barriers and achieving your goals
  • "What's Next" conversation
  • Online support

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Coaching Alliance

"I felt uplifted after the coaching--it enhanced my energy level and gave me a mood boost!" (Ingrid, Program Specialist, Bellingham, US)

  • As your coach and facilitator, I am your confidante and champion walking (or hiking) beside you on this adventure!
  • I'll create a safe and fun space to explore new options and paths and dare to take risks on the way!
  • We work together as a team in asking and answering the questions that matter. We map out your intentions and destination, then identify the navigation tools that get you there.
  • Working with me will inspire and empower you to take courageous action that aligns with your/ your organization's values and goals. You will go beyond what you thought possible!

"Isabel pushed me just the right amount." (Desiree, Vancouver, BC)

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Mutual Respect & Accountability

  • As a Certified Professional Co-Active coach and graduate of the Coaches Training Institute (the world's largest and oldest coach training organization), I root my approach in the Co-Active coaching model. Coach and client form a partnership that is based on mutual trust, respect and accountability. Both contribute 100% toward the client's goals, thereby generating 200% in results. This is not possible on your own!
  • In the coaching relationship, the client is safely held as creative, resourceful and whole. As an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and professional member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), I guarantee confidentiality and adherence to the coaching profession's Code of Ethics.

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