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"The course material was life changing" (Douglas College CMNS 1316 participant) 

Our engaging and highly-interactive seminars include presentations, discussion, team and experiential activities. They can be custom-tailored to individual or organizational needs. Delivery options include in person and online as well as integration with a customized coaching program.

Thriving Through Change and Uncertainty: How to Boost Well-Being and Success

Struggling with change or uncertainty in your career or life? Feeling stressed or stuck? This interactive workshop will give you inspiration and tools for breaking through barriers and boosting your well-being and success.

Join Isabel in discovering how times of challenge and change can become opportunities to get clear about what truly matters, drop limiting beliefs and habits, and take focused action that boosts your well-being and success. Drawing on findings from happiness/ well-being research and her personal and professional experience (including career transitions,  concussion recoveries and mountain expeditions), Isabel shares “tips from the road” for how to overcome barriers to “putting more thrive into our lives”.

"You are a wonderful, thoughtful, passionate, empathic instructor"  (Douglas College CMNS 1316 participant)

Core Coaching Skills: How to Develop Talent and Growth

For existing and aspiring leaders and managers who want to help others grow

  • Explore the difference between coaching and mentoring, and how to blend both
  • Expand your toolbox as a coach and mentor to empower team members to take flight
  • Discover the top three coaching skills that will motivate action
  • Communicate your needs and goals with impact, using a simple formula
  • Learn how to initiate difficult conversations with confidence

"I learned so much and was able to use it practically in my life. It was a rewarding experience, and I wish I had more teachers that could be as effective as she was. Thanks for an amazing learning experience, Isabel!" (Douglas College CMNS 1316  participant)

Courageous and Authentic Leadership: How to Empower Success 

For existing and aspiring leaders who dare to lead with head and heart

In an empowering and supportive setting, participants will:

  • Explore the components of courageous and authentic leadership
  • Identify their strengths and how to leverage them in up-levelling their leadership
  • Develop/ enhance their authentic leadership vision and values
  • Practice tools for communicating with clarity, courage and compassion
  • As a result, generate growth and respect.

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Conflict Transformation: How to Turn Toxic into Trust

For leaders and professionals who want to enhance relationships, collaboration and work climate

In an empowering and supportive setting, participants will:

  • Recognize different conflict styles and their impacts, including their own
  • Practice tools for building trust and mutual understanding
  • Learn a practical process for transforming conflict
  • Use the power of curiosity and compassion to communicate more effectively
  • Take away insights and skills for creating collaborative solutions.

"This has been the most beneficial class I've ever taken. The way it was taught kept us awake and interactive...I found I was able to apply what I had learned in class to my everyday life on a regular basis." (Douglas College CMNS 1316 participant)

"The Great Shake": Concussion Awareness Workshop

For athletes, coaches, educators and parents who seek tools and tips for recognizing and smoothly recovering from concussions.

Concussions are serious injuries that can be debilitating, even fatal. This inspiring and interactive seminar (including videos, stories, discussion and online tool demonstrations) will equip you with:

  • Critical concussion facts
  • Concussion response protocol and "red flags"
  • Tips for a smooth recovery
  • New concussion resources & tools

This will help you or those you teach, coach or care for to:

  • Understand and conquer the unique challenges of concussion recovery
  • Recover more smoothly and quickly 
  • Find helpful supports and navigate "the system" (medical care providers, employers, lawyers, insurance providers)
  • Replace doubt with hope and move from fatigue to vitality.

Seminars can be custom-designed in collaboration with organizations/ service providers that support concussion awareness, prevention and recovery.

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  • Workshops and training programs are shaped by Isabel's background in education, corporate and outdoor leadership and her deep expertise in the core training areas.
  • Isabel has designed and delivered an array of post-secondary, continuing education and professional development courses and curriculum in the areas of Leadership, Team and Organizational Development, Communications & Conflict Transformation, Health, Sustainability and Cross-Cultural Relations.
  • She has taught at the University of British Columbia, Capilano University and Douglas College.

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