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1. Thriving through Transitions 

For corporate leaders and professionals who are ready to seize change as a chance for growth

Do you want to manage organizational change with confidence and clarity but are daunted by the challenges? Or are you in a transition period, feeling uncertain or unclear about what's next? As a certified coach and strategist, I help you navigate the turbulent waters of change and seize them as  opportunities for growth and success. I draw on my extensive professional experience with change management, strategic planning, coaching and outdoor leadership as well my own personal and professional transitions.

As a team, we clarify your mission, values and leadership approach. They are the compass that keeps you on track toward your desired destination. We explore focus areas and options and set a course of action. This is complement by powerful communication and coaching tools. As a result, you (re-)gain clarity, focus and momentum for mastering change.

"I know better now where I'm going. Isabel worked with me in keeping me on my path. I found it really effective." (Heidi N., Vancouver, Canada)

2. Empowering Leadership

For corporate leaders & professionals who dare to put "em" before "power"

Do you want to create powerful results and positive change more quickly? Expand your influence and inspire others to go beyond perceived limitations? Achieving this is becoming increasingly challenging, amid the rapid evolution of workforce and workplaces across sectors, cultures and generations. Tackle this challenge by cultivating courageous, empowering leadership "from the inside out"! You bring your unique leadership expertise and ambitions. I bring over a decade of working with leaders of all stripes and colours around the world. As a team, we map out the goals, peak performance and powerful impacts you/ your team are seeking. Then we develop strategies and set the course for getting there.

A 21st century leadership framework and values, such as inspiration, inclusion, integrity and authenticity, will serve as your GPS. Powerful communication and coaching tools will accelerate progress. As a result, you will lead with more purpose and confidence. You/ your team will experience more clarity, focus and momentum in actioning results and collaborative success.

"[It] was surprising. It worked. It made me a lot more clear about what the key is to building relationships. It's given me a shift toward a different perspective. It helped stimulate imagination, along with problem-solving. I strongly recommend Isabel to provide you with leadership coaching, it will be fun and productive.”  (Curtis R., Owner/ Operator Edziza Trails, BC)


3. Boosting Well-Being

For leaders and professionals who want to put more thrive into their lives (and work)

Do you feel drained, stressed or overwhelmed and want more energy, ease and flow? Are you recovering from an injury/ illness and long to regain full vitality? Or you want to elevate engagement, well-being and productivity at work?

As a certified coach and endurance athlete, I work with organizations and individuals in boosting well-being, motivation and success.  I also help fast-track recovery and return to work after injuries, in particular concussions, by providing strategic and motivational support for staying positive, avoiding set-backs and adjusting goals and perspectives to regain "peak performance".

My approach leverages the resilience and wisdom of our mind, body and heart, incorporating movement and mindfulness techniques and new findings from well-being research. Together, we determine how to best recharge (rather than red-line) your battery and keep it in the "green zone".  You may also tap into the learnings and resources I have accumulated on my rocky road of concussion recovery, and through my work in the health sector.  Put the thrive back into your life!

"It was awesome! Isabel is a really amazing coach. She didn't let me play small and used her intuition to get to the underlying issues." (Lisa H., Portland, US)

4. Transforming Conflict

For leaders and professionals who want to turn conflict into connection

Is your team morale, productivity and fun factor low because there is unresolved friction or poor communication? Perhaps there are signs of cross-cultural or interpersonal conflict? Or you want to improve communication with your colleagues, partner or family?

Work with me to practice simple & effective tools for improving professional, interpersonal and cross-cultural relationships. Tap into my skills and insights from years of treaty negotiations, working across cultures and teaching conflict management. Practice communicating with curiosity and compassion and learn core coaching and conflict management skills. Leave with increased courage and competence to transform conflict into deepened connections and rewarding opportunities

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