Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program

We partner with Edziza Trails in delivering the Aboriginal Youth Leadership component of the W.I.L.D ™--Wholistic  Indigenous Leadership Development--Program.  W.I.L.D ™ inspires Aboriginal youth aged 17-25 to create positive change and pursue their dreams while honouring their culture and traditions. It empowers Aboriginal youth from urban and rural communities to be proud of who they are and take charge of their future from a position of strength and pride. The program fosters cultural resilience, wellness, life and leadership skills of Aboriginal youth through cultural experiences, outdoor leadership activities and knowledge sharing on campouts and expeditions on Tahltan Territory.

With its wholistic, land-based approach, W.I.L.D ™ contributes to enhancing protective factors for health, life and career success of Aboriginal youth. It strengthens identity and respect for self, community, culture and traditional ways, supporting de-colonization and community wellness. All program activities are designed to facilitate personal growth and learning in three interconnected focus areas: 1. Leadership Development 2. Wellness & Sustainable Livelihood  3. Cultural Experiences.

The August youth expedition in Tahltan Traditional Territory just completed (pictures coming soon!). Click here for additional information and dates. 

Please contact curtis@edzizatrails.com if you are interested in sponsoring W.I.L.D ™

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